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One World Festival for Youth

“First step” for youth to solve global issues

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The areas of international cooperation, SDGs, and diversity are being tackled from various perspectives today. An increasing number of young people are willing to learn about global issues and take action to solve them. The One World Festival for Youth is a high school student-centred festival that could be the “first step” for them to solve these issues.


Take a step together towards realising a society where no one is left behind

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There are many things that local communities can do to achieve SDGs. The challenges presented by the SDGs are closely related to our lives at the international, national and community levels. Let us think about the Kansai region, Japan and the world in 2030, and take a step together towards realising a society where no one is left behind.

  • ワン・ワールド・フェスティバル
  • ワン・ワールド・フェスティバル
  • ワン・ワールド・フェスティバル

Policy Advocacy

We must look at things from local and global perspectives to solve issues related to conflicts, poverty, the environment and human rights. We need to consider them to take action. We will hold dialogues with government agencies and advocate to tackle broad social issues to improve international cooperation.


We provide consultation on international cooperation activities and international cooperation NGOs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about NGOs and international cooperation, such as volunteer work, internships, donations, referral services, dispatch of lecturers, seminars, local NGOs engaged in different regions, and establishment and operation of NGOs, among others.

Grant Programmes for NGOs in the Kansai Region

To strengthen organisational capacity and develop human resources, we implement grant programmes to support the activities of international cooperation NGOs in the Kansai region (in collaboration with Shinnyo-en (Buddhist denomination)).

Capacity Building Training for NGO Staff

We plan and implement training programmes to enhance NGOs’ organisational strengths in the Kansai region.

Dispatch of Lecturers

In response to requests from schools and various groups, we introduce and dispatch NGO staff as lecturers.

Safe Travel Seminars

We hold useful seminars for NGO operations, such as crisis management and public relations.

Kansai NGO University

The Kansai NGO Council has held a "participant-centred" course every year since 1987. It aims to promote citizens’ international understanding and foster human resources involved in NGOs (non-governmental organisations) that tackle issues facing the international community.

KNC Library

Various materials of the Kansai NGO Council, such as interviews and PDF data of booklets, are stored here.

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